Inteligent mast design betyder högre produktivitet

Posted mån, 05/02/2011 - 08:30

Greater visibility, less noise and more productive operations are just some of the impressive benefits of CESAB’s new Intelligent Mast Design.

By working in close partnership with specialist mast designers at its mast factory, CESAB has developed the pioneering Intelligent Mast Design (IMD) for their latest range of counterbalanced forklift trucks with a range of smart, innovative features that increase the lifespan of the truck, help forklift operators to work more easily and safely and achieve quicker, quieter and less stressful workplace operations.

Most common triplex masts incorporate a central cylinder which affects forward visibility for the operator.

The CESAB triplex mast has been designed differently and visibility is significantly improved by using two full free lift (FFL) cylinders which help operators to see much more. Because they have good sight lines through the mast, safety is improved and operators do not need to adjust their position as often or move their head as frequently. This results in faster and more accurate stacking and loading and unloading operations, as well as increased comfort during shifts.

The smart design of IMD includes a patented double C mast profile, exclusive to the CESAB range. This delivers more strength and stiffness in the mast and increases its durability which contributes to the truck’s increased lifespan and lower lifetime maintenance costs.

Efficiencies and maximum uptime are also achieved by the shorter mast profile which results in a truck that is shorter in length and uses a lighter counterweight. This reduces the truck weight, improves manoeuvrability and helps to conserve fuel or maximize battery charge cycles. Adjustable roller pads provide longer lasting operation with less wear and tear as well as quick and easy maintenance with lower associated costs.
IMD means a more compact and versatile forklift because the mast profile has coaxial pads that provide structural strength and stability and reduced collapsed height dimensions. This makes CESAB forklifts featuring IMD well suited to more confined working environments.

An optimised welding process in manufacturing, with different types of welding used for different points of the mast, results in a high strength, higher performance mast, with reduced stress and wear and greater protection against damage due to overload.

A hydraulic brake effect used during the lifting and lowering of the mast makes for smoother operating movements, which in turn reduces noise and vibration. This improves stability and reduces fatigue and stress in working environments. By using two FFL cylinders, vibration is reduced compared to single cylinder designs.

According to CESAB counterbalanced product manager Gianluigi Di Bella:

“The mast has always been a critical part of the CESAB design process as it makes every difference to the performance of the truck and in turn, effective material handling operations. We have taken this several steps further by developing IMD, which provides industry leading levels of visibility and enhances productivity without compromising safety in the workplace.”